Monograph Under Review:

Elegiac Materialism: The Art and Poetry of Susan Howe

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

“The Origins of the Prose Captions in H.D.’s Helen in Egypt.” The Review of English Studies. Vol. 63 no. 260 (June 2012) pp.  466-490 [Shortlisted for The Review of English Studies Annual Essay Prize]

 “ ‘Spiritual Hyphen’:  bibliography and elegy in Susan Howe’s The Midnight.” Textual Practice. Vol. XXV no. 1 (February 2011) pp. 133-55


"Hands-On / Hands-Off." Rev. of The Art of Collaboration: Poets, Artists, Books.Eds. Anca Cristofovici & Barbara Montefalcone. Transatlantica: revue d’études américaines. no. 1 (2016)

“Nothing in the Grand Scheme of Things.” Rev. of A partir de rien: Esthetique, poetique et politique de l'infime, by Vincent Broqua. Transatlantica: revue d'études américaines. no. 2 (2013)